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Talent Acquisition Solutions

Recruiter is pushing TALENT ACQUISITION on an interactive virtual display. Business concept involving temporary or permanent employment recruitment challenges and human resource management.

The Talent Acquisition process involves three primary phases; Recruiting, Selection and Hiring; ATAC offers a variety of services that help ensure that your organization’s Talent Acquisition process is the most effective process possible with a focus on quality of hire, time-to-hire and cost of hire.

The Following Are A Sample Of The Talent Acquisition Solutions Offered By ATAC:

  • Recruiting Process
  • Recruitment Branding
  • Applicant Tracking SystemLearn more icon. Internet button on white background.
  • Hiring Process & Procedure
  • Supply Chain Recruiting
  • Measuring Recruitment Effectiveness
  • Vendor Management System
  • On-site Talent Acquisition Staff
  • Effective Recruitment Advertisement

Recruiting Solutions

Recruitment word cloud concept. Vector illustration on white

At times our clients turn to us to assist them with hiring to fill critical positions; we take on the role of recruiting candidates for them saving them time, money and the staff needed to recruit qualified candidates.

The Following Are A Sample Of The Recruiting Solutions Offered By ATAC:

  • Executive RecruitingLearn more icon. Internet button on white background.
  • Contingency Recruiting
  • Retained Search Recruiting
  • C-Level Retained Search Recruiting
  • Contract Staffing
  • Contract-to-hire Staffing
  • ATAC specializes in recruiting the following types of staff:
    • Engineering
    • Scientific
    • Public Health
    • Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical
    • Project Management
    • Information technology
    • HR & Recruiting

Human Resources Management Solutions

Businessman is touching HR MANAGEMENT on an interactive control screen. Business concept for talent acquisition E-Recruiting HR information systems HRM HR and Human Resource Management.

Human Resources Management involves the management of an organization’s workforce and that includes areas such as benefits, compensation, assessment, on-boarding and training. ATAC offers a variety of services that help ensure that your organization’s workforce is the most effective workforce possible with a focus on hiring the best talent, retaining your best talent and ensuring that your workplace is viewed as among the best by your employees and candidates alike.

The Following Are A Sample Of The Human Resource Management Solutions Offered By ATAC:

  • On-boarding
  • Learn more icon. Internet button on white background.Compensation and Salary Development
  • Benefits Program Development
  • Team Engagement Survey
  • Human Resources Policy & Procedure
  • Performance Management
  • Organizational Talent Development