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Recruiting Solutions

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ATAC’s Recruiting Solutions offer organizations a resource to help identify qualified candidates to fill critical openings minimizing the time, money and effort required to hire Rock Star employees.

The following are a sample of the Recruiting Solutions offered by ATAC:

Executive Recruiting

ATAC will provide recruiting services on a fee basis that will allow your organization to fill critical positions with no recruiting effort on your part; ATAC assumes all recruiting activities on your behalf and we present only qualified candidates for review and consideration. You interview the candidates that you are interested in and hire those that match your requirements. We have two methods of providing our Executive Recruiting services; Contingency Search Recruiting and Retained Search Recruiting.

Contingency Search Recruiting

Through our Contingency Search Recruiting services we will work to identify qualified candidates for your organization’s critical open positions at a fee based on the candidate’s annual salary. The one-time fee is only due when you hire a candidate from us. This approach allows your organization to tap into our recruiting expertise at no expense until you make a hire through our efforts; this allows you to fill critical positions within your organization without adding recruiting staff and the resources needed to identify qualified candidates.

Retained Search Recruiting

Through our Retained Search Recruiting services we will work to identify qualified candidates for your organization’s critical open positions at a fee based on the candidate’s annual salary. Once a retainer fee is paid we get to work locating qualified candidates for you to consider and once you hire a candidate that we have identified we then charge you the balance of our fee.

C-Level Retained Search Recruiting

C-Level positions are probably the most critical positions that you have to fill within your organization; they are the backbone of your organization’s management and the creators of your organization’s strategy. ATAC has the ability to recruit C-Level candidates for your organization on a Retained Search basis. We work with you to identify the best description of the C-Level position that you are trying to fill and from there we work through our international network to begin identifying candidates that meet the qualifications and experience that you require.  A retianer fee starts the process and the balance of the fee is due once you hire a candidate that we have identified through our recruiting efforts.

Contract Staffing

ATAC provides Contract Staffing for short term assignments that typically range from 3-12 months. Based on the qualifications that you provide to us we identify qualified candidates that meet your needs for a specified period of time. When you have workload fluctuations or when you need specialized expertise that you don’t currently possess within your own staff, contract staffing is a great solution. Your organization pays an agreed upon hourly rate and the contract employee works under our company so they are not seen as your employee; once your project is complete you notify us and the contract employee’s assignment with your organization ends.

Contract-to-hire Staffing

A great way to try before you buy is through Contract-to-hire Staffing which allows you to hire an employee through ATAC for a period of 3-6 months and after that period you are free to hire that employee as your own employee without having to pay ATAC an additional direct-hire fee. We identify qualified candidates based on a agreed upon position description and once you select the candidate that matches your needs that candidate begins a Contract-to-hire assignment that allows you to see how they perform in the actual role. You pay an hourly rate during the Contract-to-hire period and the candidate is an employee of ATAC for the duration until you hire them as your own employee.