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Ed Kato, President of Atlantic Talent Acquisition Consultants, Inc. (ATAC), will present to graduate students of the Thomas D. Arthur Graduate School of Business, East Carolina University College of Business on Wednesday, April 3, 2024. The topic of the presentation is:

Using AI (Artificial Intelliogence) to Land Your Next Career Opportunity

Not many job seekers understand the recruiting process and how companies hire. Throw in the latest advancement in recruiting and the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence), and you will find that most job seekers lack an effective job search strategy.

This presentation focuses on several areas of the recruiting process and helps candidates better understand the big picture when it comes to how companies recruit and hire in the quickly changing world of AI. After participating in this presentation, you should be a more competitive candidate and you will be better prepared to capture the attention of a potential employer using AI.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn how AI technology affects the recruiting process
  • Learn to use AI technology such as ChatGPT to:
    • Research Employers
    • Improve your resume
    • Develop a career strategy
    • Create effective cover letters
    • Learn about an employer’s culture
    • Prepare for an interview
  • Learn what AI cannot do when it comes to your career strategy

If your organization is interested in having one of the presentations listed below given to your members, please contact us at (919) 263-9477.

  • Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to Land Your Next Career Opportunity
  • Your Career Strategy & Understanding the Recruiting Process
  • Establishing Your Career Goals
  • How to Create an Effective Career Strategy
  • Changing Careers: It’s All About Transferable Skills
  • The Future of the Job Market
  • How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Land Your Next Career Opportunity