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Talent Acquisition Solutions

Talent Acquisition Solutions

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The Talent Acquisition process involves three primary phases; Recruiting, Selection and Hiring; ATAC offers a variety of services that help ensure that your organization’s Talent Acquisition process is the most effective process possible with a focus on quality of hire, time-to-hire and cost of hire.

The following are a sample of the Talent Acquisition solutions offer by ATAC:

Recruiting Process Solutions

ATAC will team with your organization to develop a recruiting process that covers every facet of the recruiting process from the point of an open position to the start of a new employee. The results will be a greater return on your recruiting investment and better talent to fill your critical openings.

Recruitment Branding Solutions

ATAC will team with you to establish your organization’s brand as an employer of choice among candidates. Your recruitment brand can make or break your recruiting process and potential candidates know about your organization based on how well you position your organization’s recruitment branding.

Supply Chain Recruiting Solutions

ATAC will design a process for your organization that will effectively become your supply chain for qualified candidates when you need them using a JIT (just-in-time) approach. Your organization will no longer wait to begin your recruiting process when a position opens; instead, you will be recruiting in a proactive mode therefore making your organization more efficient and cost effective.

Applicant Tracking System Solutions

ATAC will team with you to determine which applicant tracking system will best suit your organization’s needs. The end result will be a more efficient process to track candidates, job openings and recruiting compliance through accurate metrics.

Hiring Process & Procedure Solutions

ATAC will team with your organization to create an effective hiring process that ensures all the steps of such a complex process are completed while focusing on efficiency. Your organization will realize a greater return on your recruiting spend with the knowledge that you are in compliance while hiring the best talent available.

Measuring Recruitment Effectiveness Solutions

ATAC will team with your organization to evaluate your recruiting process and measure its effectiveness based on cost and ROI (return-on-investment). You probably measure the effectiveness of your organization in many ways however if you are not measuring the effectiveness of your recruiting process you could be producing results that don’t match your goals.

Vendor Management System Solutions

ATAC will team with your organization to determine which staffing vendor management system will best suit your needs based on your goals. If you have a significant spend involving staffing services then you should seriously consider a vendor management system that will ensure that you are operating with efficiency and cost effectiveness when it comes to your staffing expenses. 

On-site Talent Acquisition Staff Solutions

ATAC can provide Talent Acquisition staff and Human Resources staff on-site to assist your organization with hiring surges, recruiting campaigns, bids and proposals and for your projects that require extra expertise in the Talent Acquisition and or Human Resources field. We an provide you with staff for periods as short as 30 days and all of our staff possess the credentials to deliver the results that you expect.

Effective Recruitment Advertisement Solutions

ATAC will team with your organization to develop effective recruitment advertising that will net you a greater return on investment and will improve the quality of candidates that apply for your positions. Candidates form a first impression of your organization by the recruitment advertisements that they see; this service will ensure that your recruitment advertisements deliver the right message to the best candidates.