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Shouldn’t Your Organization Create A Corporate Recruiting Video?


When you take a look at most corporate web pages these days you will find videos that cover an organization’s product and/or services; a marketing based video that focuses on promoting the organization’s line of business. Take a look at those same organizations’ career web page and you more than likely will not find a recruitment focused video; a real missed opportunity. Much like a product/services marketing video, a recruitment video can do a fantastic job of promoting an organization from a job seekers perspective. A recruitment video allows an organization the opportunity to give candidates a window to the organization’s world and what it would be like to work for that organization.

Effective recruitment videos incorporate existing employees that offer testimonials as to why they came to work for the organization, what keeps them working for the organization and why they think a potential candidate should join the organization. Recruitment videos also give an organization the opportunity to show prospective candidates what working conditions and/or facilities are like and what the organization’s line of business is as well as history about the organization.

Don’t make the mistake of creating a recruitment video by use of your smartphone; the video should be created by hiring a professional video production company that has the experience of creating recruitment videos. A professionally created video is a world apart from a self created video by way of a smartphone. Look at a recruitment video as a means of showing prospective candidates that your organization is worthy of their consideration for employment among the many other organizations that they may be considering. The video is your opportunity to sell prospective candidates on the idea that you are an employer of choice by presenting them with a variety of the great accomplishments that your organization has achieved such as perhaps being chosen as a top rated employer or by showing how you are a “family friendly employer”. The idea again is to give prospective candidates an opportunity to look into the window of your organization and see why they should chose your organization over others.

A typical recruiting video will take one to three days of on-site filming and perhaps two to three weeks of editing and final production. To expedite the process you should have an idea of the message that you want to convey through the video, you should have your employees that are willing to give testimonials lined up, you should think about where in your facilities you want the video shot and you need to promote the fact that your organization is going to be producing a recruitment video so that your current employees will be aware and so that they will understand the purpose of the endeavor. Once the recruiting video is complete and ready to be added to your organization’s career web page you should consider having a launch event that allows current employees to be the first to see the video before release on your web site. Build some internal excitement by coupling the release of your new recruiting video with perhaps the launch of a new employee referral program that rewards current employees for referring qualified candidates Finally, use the new recruiting video as often as you can by posting it on on your organization’s social media sites and by forwarding it to all qualified prospective candidates. Be sure to create a new up-to-date video every couple of years at minimum so that your message is current. Contact us at ATAC to learn more…

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