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Recruitment Video

Much like a product/services marketing video, a recruitment video can do a fantastic job of promoting an organization from a job seekers perspective. A recruitment video allows an organization the opportunity to give candidates a window to the organization’s world and what it would be like to work for that organization. Effective recruitment videos incorporate existing employees that offer testimonials as to why they came to work for the organization, what keeps them working for the organization and why they think a potential candidate should join the organization. Recruitment videos also give an organization the opportunity to show prospective candidates what working conditions and/or facilities are like and what the organization’s line of business is as well as history about the organization.


On-boarding Video

Once an organization has gone through the process of recruiting and hiring the right candidate for a key position the next step in the process is the On-boarding process. The On-boarding process involves everything that a new hired employee must go through in order to become fully engaged as an employee. This includes understanding the On-boarding process and the various stages as well as understanding the organization including history, current status, who makes up the organization’s management, what the values of the organization are and many other important pieces of information. All of this information can be conveyed through an On-boarding video the can be viewed at the convenience of the new employee; this works especially well for remote employees that may not be able to report to the organization’s headquarters for the On-boarding process.