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FAQ’s and Their Solutions

Our clients have some of the same challenges that your organization may have; learn from their experiences and learn about the solutions that ATAC offers that can solve your challenges.

Question Question: It takes too much time to fill the open positions in our organization; how do we speedup the hiring process without sacrificing the quality of hires?

Solution Solution: The first critical issue to consider is, how much time does it really take your organization to fill an open position? A complete analysis of your current recruiting process would be in order and based on the findings there are several options to pursue including a Recruiting Process redesign, the implementation of an Applicant Tracking System, the implementation of a Supply Chain Recruiting process or perhaps a review of your Recruitment Advertising plan. ATAC is your resource for this solution.

Question Question: Our company spends too much money to recruit and hire staff that seem to be mediocre at  best, what can we do to cut recruiting expenses and up our quality of hires?

Solution Solution: The best approach would be to establish a benchmark regarding your organization’s true cost-per-hire so that you can establish a new realistic goal of cost-per-hire. The next step would be to review your Recruiting Process, Recruitment Advertisement and to take a close look at your interview process. Implementing a Strategic Recruiting Plan would solve the challenges of cost and quality of hires. ATAC is your resource for this solution.

Question Question:  We frequently have the need to hire a large number of new employees and it usually turns out to be a disaster considering the time it takes, the cost involved and the   quality of the hires that we make; what can we do improve all three areas?

SolutionSolution: A complete analysis of your current Recruiting Process should be conducted to establish benchmarks; once that is complete recruitment goals need to be established and a Recruitment Strategy needs to be created that is in line with the company’s Business Strategy. The new Recruitment Strategy would include a new Recruitment Process, a Recruitment Advertising campaign, the establishment of a Recruitment Brand, the creation of a Supply Chain Recruiting system and the implementation of an Applicant Tracking System if one is not already in place.  ATAC is your resource for this solution.

Question Question: We have fluctuating hiring needs and we don’t have the staff of recruiters and HR professionals that we need in order to contend with our fluctuating needs; what is the answer?

SolutionSolution: Perhaps the answer is contract recruiting and/or HR staff that can be available when you have need for them and when your hiring fluctuation subsides they are no longer an expense to your organization. ATAC provides both contract recruiters and HR professionals for 30 day to one year assignments; professionals that hit the ground running with very little training needed only to learn your processes.

Question Question: We support government contracts and we are concerned that our recruiting process and our hiring process may not be OFCCP compliant; how can we be sure?

Solution Solution: A complete review and analysis of your recruiting and hiring processes should be conducted to determine where you are not meeting compliance and an action plan should be put in place to correct the areas found to be non-compliant. ATAC offers a complete process review with the end result being a report of non-compliance areas along with a course of action to correct those areas of non-compliance.

Question Question:  Over the past several years our employee turnover rate has skyrocketed and we think that it is costing our company a lot of money to retrain new staff not to mention the lost revenue that we incur; what is the answer to our dilemma?

SolutionSolution: Turnover for any organization is expensive; to find the root of the problem a good approach would be a Team Engagement Survey to determine what is keeping employees from leaving your organization and what is causing them to leave your organization. Improving on the good and removing the bad; additionally a close look at compensation and benefits may be in order to ensure that your organization is competitive within the marketplace. ATAC is your resource for this solution.

Question Question:  We are a small start-up organization that is growing fast and hiring new staff regularly; we don’t have a staff of recruiters and HR professionals to handle the task of recruiting and hiring and Human Resource Management; what options are there for us?

SolutionSolution: Outsourcing your recruiting function and/or your Human Resources function may be a viable solution for your organization; by doing so you are allowing your staff to focus on your core competency which is the purpose of your organization. ATAC can and will take on an outsourcing role in regard to recruiting and/or Human Resources Management services; we are available for as much support as you need us and our team is made up of seasoned and credentialed staff with the knowledge and expertise to support your organization whether you are a small start-up organization or a mid-sized organization.